Wednesday, November 7, 2012

July block CQJP

The almost naked CQJP July block. Only one flower: the Hedebo flower. Here is the tutorial.

A tatted edging which I got from my friend Pam.
As I only wanted to use the lilac part (the complete edging is on top) I had a hard time to cut the right picots.
I attached the edging with Kreinik #4 purple.

Basque stitch with orange beads, the TAST stitch of week 29, used as a simple seam treatment. 

The start of a flower spray: knotted buttonhole stitch, the TAST stitch of week 39.
The left side of the flower is worked from left to right, the right side from right to left.
The stamens are pistil stitch, another TAST stitch (week 37). Stamens on the right side are wrapped to the right, the ones on the left side are wrapped to the left. 


  1. Lovely stitching my dear. You must have quite the repertoire of different stitches. So wonderful to always see your progress on these CQ blocks. Stitching Bliss...

  2. this block is coming along beautifully, have signed up for next year hope I can cope and do as I should!

  3. Every block that you show about love for embroidery that goes with the creative imagination.
    I love your work.
    Hugs and kisses.

  4. Looking very pretty, Marjolein. I like those buttonhole flowers.

  5. Lovely block seams. I really like your knotted buttonhole/pistil stitch flowers. They remind me of fuschias.

  6. Your stitching looks terrific and the lovely tatted edging really adds a lot to your CQJP. Very nicely done :)

  7. This block is going to be wonderful! LIke also the tatting!

  8. That Hedebo flower is a really nice (I am so impressed with your tutorial). Another star on this block if of course the tatting. Looking forward to how this is going to grow.


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