Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lots of beads

This is the sashing strip between the top and bottom rows.
Again I chose the fabric that matches the six blocks best. 

Time to add beads. 

A green sequin fastened with a tiny transparent bead.

For large bubbles I sewed the convex side of the sequin upwards.

Bubbles on the vertical sashing strips.

One seam in a vertical sashing strip was necessairy.

Can you find the seam in the sashing strip?

The starfish is far more purple than in this picture.

Breathing clown fishes.


  1. Dit is een prachtig stuk, Marjolein!=)

  2. The beads and sequins do belong on this quilt. I especially like that the pattern on the convex side of the sequin matches the geometric bubbles on the print.
    Just beautiful, Marjolein.

  3. The beads and sequins add so much to this quilt, magical bits of color and sparkle.

    Beautiful work ~ FlowerLady

  4. This is so beautiful, Marjolein! Love the air bubble sequins.

  5. Now the life is being beaded into this lovely piece of work. Your sequin bubbles are perfection. Beaded Bliss Dear...


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