Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sea Breeze completed

Sea Breeze, designed by McKenna Ryan, made by me.
It measures 85 x 125 cm.

The finished quilt, blocks and sashings between the blocks, measures 75 x 115 cm.
That is already pretty large, so I didn't want to add sashings, a border and a binding all around it.
Instead I sewed only a binding, but I chose the prints in such a way that it seems that the quilt is surrounded by a frame.
On the right side I chose a strip that changes from pink, that is also in the block, to sand color.
At the bottom olive green, also in the block, to brown.

The binding at the middle bottom block: nice transition, isn't it?

At the top changes the strip from the blue that is in the block, to brown.

The left side.

As I didn't plan this quilt, the batting was too small. The binding is 5 cm wide, the batting 2,5 cm.

I solved this problem by cutting a strip of batting, laying it closely against the existing batting and sewing it with a curved stitch. A normal zig zag stitch didn't work.

This is the lining, which I sewed at the same time.

The lining is attached to the quilt at a few spots.

The hanging sleeve


At the backside the binding is hand sewed to the lining.

Below all six blocks with their sashing strips and binding.

Block 1: the dolphin

Block 2: the manatees

Block 3: the turtles

Block 4: the giant clams

Block 5: the mahi mahi

Block 6: the octopus

Sea Breeze on our wall in the living room. (The wall isn't really that yellow)
It was actually meant for the bedroom, but it turned out to be too large.
With a little imagination the sand color at the sides and the brown at the bottom and top form a frame.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The last beads

The finished manatees.

Little green sequins fastened with transparent glass beads.

Large shell beads and pink sequins.

The beads in the anemones are very special.

Here is a close up picture.

Two colors in one bead.

The beaded turtles.

Large air bubbles.

The dolphin.

Each large bubble has a light spot in it.

Now that all blocks are beaded it is time for the finishing touches.
Next time more about that.

Monday, February 10, 2014

More beads

Not much to tell.....just a beaded starfish.

Mahi mahi breathing.

Transparent sequins fastened with a tiny transparent bead. Some of them are pale pink.

The finished beaded block.

Now you can see why McKenna Ryan called the octopus Twinkletoes.

Twinkletoes' eye. 

Completed Twinkletoe.

Twinkletoes suckers caught my fingers.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lots of beads

This is the sashing strip between the top and bottom rows.
Again I chose the fabric that matches the six blocks best. 

Time to add beads. 

A green sequin fastened with a tiny transparent bead.

For large bubbles I sewed the convex side of the sequin upwards.

Bubbles on the vertical sashing strips.

One seam in a vertical sashing strip was necessairy.

Can you find the seam in the sashing strip?

The starfish is far more purple than in this picture.

Breathing clown fishes.

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