Friday, November 15, 2013

Sea Breeze

Do you know McKenna Ryan?
When I came across this design, I had to order the patterns and fabrics. 
This challenging project was waiting for me till I found the perfect spot to expose it.
It will find its home in our "new" bedroom.

I decided to make only six blocks into an art quilt, as the wall isn't large enough for all of them. 
Each block is 18 inch square. 

This is one of the Hoffman fabrics.
As you can see it has a very special print.
The purpose is to locate the exact spot on the fabric that is similar to the sample picture.

This is one of the samples. 

Now look at the starfish.

The corresponding spot on the lower half of the fabric.
Please do not pay attention to the colors ;-$

The order of work is as follows:
- first sew together the background from one or more fabrics
- trace and cut (widely) all pattern pieces on Wonder Under (Vliesofix)
- find the right spot on the right fabric for every shape and iron on
-cut the shapes on the tracing line and iron them on the right spot on the background. 

Here is an excellent tutorial on the subject of fusible applique.

So far I finished the six blocks. The next phase is to quilt them. 

The six blocks:

Giant clams "Clampetts"

Mahi mahi "Tweedle Dum"

Octopus "Twinkletoes"

Manatees "Tootsie and Rumples"

Turtles "The Nerdles"

Dolphin "Tweedle Dee"

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  1. I love those colours - but I am not sure I understood how you made it.

  2. This is quite the complicated and time consuming project. Your work is amazing and the colors beautiful. This will be a stunning wall accent in your new bedroom. Creative Stitching Bliss Dear...

  3. what a wonderful challenge you have here which you have done wonders with. Think I like the turtle block best but hard to choose as they are all wonderful. Not heard of the designer but will check her out and see what else she has done

  4. I love this and can't wait to see more!

  5. I am sorry I missed this post when it was first published. How nice to see you are busy at quilting again. The McKenna quilt designs are stunning and from what I have read on another blog enjoyable to make, although the kits sometimes a bit confusing. Read Tanya's report:

  6. I am familiar with Ryan McKenna but have not seen this pattern previously - it's great.

  7. This is beautiful! I know who she is, but I've not tried one of her patterns.


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