Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giant clams

The first block before quilting. 
Have you know noticed the cute little clownfishes swimming amongst the anemones?

All six blocks are quilted separately before they are sewn together. 

I chose to handquilt with Yli monofilament thread.

All appliques are quilted, even the very small ones. This  prevents they fell off.


Personally I don't like the raw edges. I'm always afraid the fabric will fall apart. 
Very large loose threads will be cut off when the quilt is finished.
However the raw edges aren't visible only if you are standing right in front of it.

For the coral I used Madeira supertwist together with the Yli. 

For the clams I used DMC metallic together with the Yli.
The DMC was a nightmare to work with. 
This thread gets very easely damaged.

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  1. E' un bellissimo ricamo!!

  2. Great work! I like the shine of the metallic thread but know how difficult they are to work with. I think this is a wall hanging and will (never) be washed so the frayed edges should cause no big problem. In a sense they add a bit of fuzzy look to the appliqué - quite good for an underwater scene, no? Looking forward to following this project.

  3. Just beautiful - the little fish peeking through is such a sweet touch on this lovely work!! What a cheerful work!

  4. this is a lovely piece and the colours are delightful, beautiful quilting and well just beautiful

  5. Beautiful colors, pretty and great work!!!
    Big big hugs from me Dear Marjolein.

  6. I shall enjoy watching this piece evolve. Have fun!

  7. I love the look of the applique a little bit frayed - just this little bit - I like the theme and the colours. and how you are showing your work. And how you are showing your very good photos.

  8. Marjolein Dear your work is amazing. I love your little clown fishes. Your hand quilting is the special touch that makes your blocks so beautiful. Joyful Stitching Bliss...

  9. wow... it just gets better and better


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