Thursday, August 29, 2013

New project: tablequilt

Last time I blogged about a new project: the Royal Persian Blossom. I wanted to work on that beautiful project, but something else came up.

At the moment we are busy redecorating our house. The first thing we changed were the chairs at our dining room table. The old ones wobbled and creaked a lot. These are the new ones.
The table cloth is a plastic one, very handy but the plastic material doesn't harmonize with the fabric of the chairs. 

The naked table fits much better, but it needs something.

Fortunately I had the right fabrics in my stash, creams and browns. 
I bought them for a project I never started.

In a magazine I found this design. The curves intrigued me from the first time I saw it.

The whole design is constructed with one single shape.

First I sewed little triangles consisting of three shapes, then four little triangles are joined to form one big triangle.

Six big triangles form a sort of flower shape.

The plan is to join two flower shapes and smaller cream triangles. Together they will cover the largest part of the table.

This change of chairs is the first in a long row of changes. The following months will be filled with painting, making curtains, changing floor covering, and so on. 
When that job is done, we plan to have a puppy dog. Our former golden retriever passed away last December. After a lot of doubts we decided to have another one.

All these plans mean that there is less time for needlework and blogging.

I am really looking forward to work on all the small and big jobs that have to get done.
The work will give a lot of satisfaction and after that...... the reward......a golden puppy dog;-)


  1. Congratulations on your new chairs; they look very comfortable and I guess you will be 'at table' longer than usual from now on. The pattern for the new table cloth is intriguing and I can see you are already in love with the project.
    Good luck with all the hard, and hopefully enjoyable renovation work, and then the cute new family member. I can see the smile on your face!

  2. your table topper is amazing, and will look so good on the table. Reading you are so very busy doing things to the house, enjoy the time spent on it and let us see when you are done

  3. Marjolein Hello, your project is wonderful!
    Home remodel is challenging and tiring but then the results are well worth all the time that you devote yourself and then .... the ultimate prize is priceless!
    A beautiful dog that will fill your heart and home!

  4. Wat een prachtig patroon voor je tafelkleed! Succes met alle klusjes.

  5. This is so beautiful. Nice efforts dear. Liked it. Thanks for sharing with us. I also like embroidery work you can check out my stuff at Embroidery Digitizing

  6. I missed this post while out of state but I am glad I found it! Your new blue chairs are lovely. Now for those little bits of fabric and curves...YIKES! You are very industrious to tackle such a complex project however the results are fabulously divine. The colors are calming and beautiful. The design that is forming is amazing and gorgeous. I love it! Creative Stitching Bliss Dear...

  7. Thanks for sharing! This page was very informative and I enjoyed it. wholesale patches

  8. Hello Marjolein, I see you are active, creating something very special, intensive work, but fun.


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