Thursday, August 29, 2013

New project: tablequilt

Last time I blogged about a new project: the Royal Persian Blossom. I wanted to work on that beautiful project, but something else came up.

At the moment we are busy redecorating our house. The first thing we changed were the chairs at our dining room table. The old ones wobbled and creaked a lot. These are the new ones.
The table cloth is a plastic one, very handy but the plastic material doesn't harmonize with the fabric of the chairs. 

The naked table fits much better, but it needs something.

Fortunately I had the right fabrics in my stash, creams and browns. 
I bought them for a project I never started.

In a magazine I found this design. The curves intrigued me from the first time I saw it.

The whole design is constructed with one single shape.

First I sewed little triangles consisting of three shapes, then four little triangles are joined to form one big triangle.

Six big triangles form a sort of flower shape.

The plan is to join two flower shapes and smaller cream triangles. Together they will cover the largest part of the table.

This change of chairs is the first in a long row of changes. The following months will be filled with painting, making curtains, changing floor covering, and so on. 
When that job is done, we plan to have a puppy dog. Our former golden retriever passed away last December. After a lot of doubts we decided to have another one.

All these plans mean that there is less time for needlework and blogging.

I am really looking forward to work on all the small and big jobs that have to get done.
The work will give a lot of satisfaction and after that...... the reward......a golden puppy dog;-)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

New project: Royal Persian Blossom

This new project was already for a year in my closet. I bought the design from Talliaferro.
Check out their website, they have the most beautiful designs.

The fabric I'll use is linen twill with a calico backing fabric. A mirror image of this drawing will be traced on the calico.

I have improvised a light-box.
An old zinc bowl, a small towel to support the bulb, a strong bulb and a glass plate.
The glass plate was meant to cut vegetables or meat.

The glass plate rests on the zinc bowl....

...the light is turned on ...

...and the pattern is visible through the calico.

A small part of the traced drawing.

The finished drawing on the calico.

Here I have basted the calico on the backside of the linen twill.

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