Saturday, August 3, 2013

New project: Royal Persian Blossom

This new project was already for a year in my closet. I bought the design from Talliaferro.
Check out their website, they have the most beautiful designs.

The fabric I'll use is linen twill with a calico backing fabric. A mirror image of this drawing will be traced on the calico.

I have improvised a light-box.
An old zinc bowl, a small towel to support the bulb, a strong bulb and a glass plate.
The glass plate was meant to cut vegetables or meat.

The glass plate rests on the zinc bowl....

...the light is turned on ...

...and the pattern is visible through the calico.

A small part of the traced drawing.

The finished drawing on the calico.

Here I have basted the calico on the backside of the linen twill.


  1. Ugh! How I *hat* those glass 'chopping boards' ('worktop savers' they're called here). They blunt knives and makes such a noise in use! You've found a FAR better use for one.=)

    Good start on your new project! Hope it runs smoothly for you and you have a lot of fun with it.

  2. another intricate design for you, not sure I understand why you have put the design on the backing fabric and not the linen twill but it is early morning here, maybe the brain will click in later

  3. Sarai alle prese con un lavoro intricato nei prossimi giorni, aspetto di vedere il risultato allora, buona domenica a te!! Assunta,lefiabedituassan.blogspot.

  4. I look forward to seeing this lovely pattern being filled in. I know it will be lovely.

    Great idea for a light box.


  5. that is a beautiful design, I watched another blogger stitch this, I think it was Embrouderie? Great idea for the light box!

  6. Brilliant idea you have there. It works quite well for your tracing. That is a lovely design and the colors are very regal. I will be following your progress dear...


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