Sunday, June 2, 2013

Thimble pouch and needle book

The next item in Sophie's Sewing Set is a thimble pouch. 

Even the bottom is pretty.

A perfect home for one or more thimbles.

Of course a needle book belongs to the sewing set.
I didn't cut the rose motive accurate enough, the right side is partly hidden by the lace.

A close up of the vine. Just simple stem stitches, detached chain and french knots.

The inside.

This is the thread wallet I showed before.
The loop is too small to fit around the button.

I changed the button because I needed it elsewhere.
And I sewed on an extra loop.

The top loop is pulled through the bottom loop and positioned around the button.

The design and fabrics are from Faeries in my Garden.


  1. Good idea with the button, very good. The thimble pouch is so sweet. And all other things, too. And it is astonishing how many things you can sew out of the kit.

  2. Pretty, pretty little sewing accessories! I like the button loop fix!

  3. Lovely little sewing essentials. I just knew you would resolve the loop fastener issue. This is very pretty with the heart button and extra loop. Brilliant Dear...

  4. I see you are really having fun with this project. You had a clever solution to the 'too short loop problem'. The thimble pouch is cute, and like Anneliese I am amazed at the number of items in this kit.

  5. Beautiful little little sewing set!!
    Happy new week dear Marjolein.

  6. such a lovely set of goodies you are making here and so so practical as well as beautiful


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