Sunday, June 9, 2013

Needlework folder

The final item in Sophie's sewing set is a needle work folder.
This is the front. The fabric is a part of the panel in the kit I bought from Fearies in my Garden.
The text is embroidered in stem stitch. In the kit was a paper with a complete alphabet in beautiful curling script.

The inside.

The inner left side:  two little needle packet pockets and a large pocket devided in two parts. 
They are embellished with cretan, feather and blanket stitch.

The inner right side: a pin holder,  a heart shaped scissor case, a needle case and a narrow slot.

In the inside of the pin holder and needle case is a piece of cream felt.

The cretan stitch hides the sewing line perfectly.

So does the feather stitch.

The scissor holder closes with a loop around a very pretty button. 

The backside.

Sophie's Sewing Set completed.
All items are posing on our couch. 
Never thought our couch would form such a perfect background.


  1. They all look so lovely grouped together!

  2. What a lovely collection for your stitching time...I love the shabby chic rose fabric you have used...very pretty.

  3. I love the decoration on your couch, Marjolein. The last item is also very beautiful, the stitching beautiful. your monogram very nice. You can be proud of your work.

  4. Simply lovely and practical is the best project. Your couch is very color coordinated for this sewing set. I adore how you have covered machine stitching with your beautiful decorative hand stitching. Beautiful job dear...

  5. Congratulations on completing a most charming, and useful, sewing set.
    The embroidery stitches have elegantly covered the machine stitching.
    I wonder what you will put inside the narrow slot?
    I hope these item will give you much joy.

  6. you have made the most exquisite set of beautiful embroidery sewing pieces, wonder what your next project will be, you certainly make some amazing things

  7. It's a beautiful set! It must make stitching all the more enjoyable.

  8. Hai creato un bellissimo coordinato,Assunta.


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