Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fall again

Last time I talked about the Crazy Fall Quilt, it looked like this.
The first thing I want to add at the top is a gold vine with lacy leaves. 

As these black leaves aren't very visible on the black background I'll add a gold shiny fabric. 
I have two possible fabrics in my stash. A plain gold on the right and a textured one on the left.

I cut two leaf shaped pieces to make it easier to choose. 
At the top of the quilt I liked the right one better.

The leaf on this picture looks different in reality, more like the Kreinik thread.
The Kreinik is gold with a mixture of other colors, exactly as the fabric.

Next I made a rough sketch of the vine.

Possible placement of the leaves.

Here the Kreinik thread is couched on with a thin gold metallic thread.


  1. Stunning with the gold over black fabric and then the black lace leaves over the gold fabric. I really like your choices of fabrics. Blissful Stitching Dear...

  2. I think the black and golden leaves will look great on the black background. This quilt is made up of a lot of interesting details.

  3. a like the patchwork pattern on this crazy quilt and adding the black and gold is going to work so very well.

  4. Black and gold...Beautiful idea!!!!
    Lot a kisses and happy new week Marjolein.

  5. You are advancing so beautifully, Marjolein.


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