Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Blackwork butterfly

This blackwork butterfly is a design by Tanja Berlin. It was in a previous issue of "Inspirations".
I ordered the kit and finished the embroidery some years ago. And waited and waited to get finished off.

I also had this ugly binder. I tore the metal binder part out (does this make sense?). The hole that was left behind is still visible at the bottom.

I decided that the ugly binder needed a nice cover including the butterfly.
I took step by step pictures, but they turned out very vague because of the black fabric, so I left them out. Sorry about that!
This firm fabric is not entirely black but there is a shimmer of gold. That makes is a perfect background for the butterfly.

I wanted two pockets in the cover. This is the right side. A big pocket to store books.

The "bottom" is about 6 cm wide.

The left side has a smaller pockets for papers.

Stabilizer is ironed on and the pale pink fabric will act as lining.

The lining is sewed on by hand.

Around the embroidery I sewed a border with mitered corners.
At the bottom left there is a very special item....the zipper of my sweater.

The finished cover with content

Front side.

This is my last post before the holidays.
I'm off to enjoy the summer months. 


  1. a wonderful butterfly and looks very much at home on the file. have a lovely holiday and hope you get lots of sun and little rain

  2. Marjolein Dear this black butterfly is elegant and exquisite. I adore how you have used it to adorn your journal cover. Now you can enjoy your art and use it for all you wish to savor. Happy Summer Sunshine and Relaxing...

  3. One word for this butterfly.......

  4. Oh my! This so exquisite. Hard to find the right words to describe the feeling it gives to look at it.

  5. What a wonderful creation you made! And now I wish you wonderful holidays! With love!

  6. Your butterfly is stunning, and you've put it to such good use.


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