Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A surprise and a tablet cover.

Just look what was in the mail today!
Beautiful laces and a pretty little card from my dear friend Nicki Lee

The beautiful cream bow will find a place on the CQ cushion I plan to create with the left overs of Sophie's Sewing Set.

On I came across a tutorial  on "how to sew a cover for a tablet".
Just what I needed. This is the inside with the pocket and the triangle corner pieces.

The corners keep the tablet in place.

The pocket protects the tablet when not in use.

The cover closes with velcro.


  1. How lovely to receive lace pieces from your friend. They will be beautiful additions to your stitchings. If I had a "tablet" I would make a cover...hint hint to my husband. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

  2. What a beautiful gift! I am sure you will make use of each and every one of the pieces. Is there a lot of left over fabric?
    Making tablet covers seems to be the 'thing'. Bought covers are usually a bit expensive and haven't got the 'personality' of a home made one. Have fun!

  3. some lovely laces you have and I know they will be put to good use.

  4. Hello Marjolein, lace are wonderful and the cover for the tablet is a great idea., Very nearly I make one too for my Ipad.
    A kiss.

  5. The laces you received look lovely indeed and your tablet cover is so nicely colourful :)


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