Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Blackwork butterfly

This blackwork butterfly is a design by Tanja Berlin. It was in a previous issue of "Inspirations".
I ordered the kit and finished the embroidery some years ago. And waited and waited to get finished off.

I also had this ugly binder. I tore the metal binder part out (does this make sense?). The hole that was left behind is still visible at the bottom.

I decided that the ugly binder needed a nice cover including the butterfly.
I took step by step pictures, but they turned out very vague because of the black fabric, so I left them out. Sorry about that!
This firm fabric is not entirely black but there is a shimmer of gold. That makes is a perfect background for the butterfly.

I wanted two pockets in the cover. This is the right side. A big pocket to store books.

The "bottom" is about 6 cm wide.

The left side has a smaller pockets for papers.

Stabilizer is ironed on and the pale pink fabric will act as lining.

The lining is sewed on by hand.

Around the embroidery I sewed a border with mitered corners.
At the bottom left there is a very special item....the zipper of my sweater.

The finished cover with content

Front side.

This is my last post before the holidays.
I'm off to enjoy the summer months. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fall again

Last time I talked about the Crazy Fall Quilt, it looked like this.
The first thing I want to add at the top is a gold vine with lacy leaves. 

As these black leaves aren't very visible on the black background I'll add a gold shiny fabric. 
I have two possible fabrics in my stash. A plain gold on the right and a textured one on the left.

I cut two leaf shaped pieces to make it easier to choose. 
At the top of the quilt I liked the right one better.

The leaf on this picture looks different in reality, more like the Kreinik thread.
The Kreinik is gold with a mixture of other colors, exactly as the fabric.

Next I made a rough sketch of the vine.

Possible placement of the leaves.

Here the Kreinik thread is couched on with a thin gold metallic thread.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Needlework folder

The final item in Sophie's sewing set is a needle work folder.
This is the front. The fabric is a part of the panel in the kit I bought from Fearies in my Garden.
The text is embroidered in stem stitch. In the kit was a paper with a complete alphabet in beautiful curling script.

The inside.

The inner left side:  two little needle packet pockets and a large pocket devided in two parts. 
They are embellished with cretan, feather and blanket stitch.

The inner right side: a pin holder,  a heart shaped scissor case, a needle case and a narrow slot.

In the inside of the pin holder and needle case is a piece of cream felt.

The cretan stitch hides the sewing line perfectly.

So does the feather stitch.

The scissor holder closes with a loop around a very pretty button. 

The backside.

Sophie's Sewing Set completed.
All items are posing on our couch. 
Never thought our couch would form such a perfect background.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A surprise and a tablet cover.

Just look what was in the mail today!
Beautiful laces and a pretty little card from my dear friend Nicki Lee

The beautiful cream bow will find a place on the CQ cushion I plan to create with the left overs of Sophie's Sewing Set.

On I came across a tutorial  on "how to sew a cover for a tablet".
Just what I needed. This is the inside with the pocket and the triangle corner pieces.

The corners keep the tablet in place.

The pocket protects the tablet when not in use.

The cover closes with velcro.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Thimble pouch and needle book

The next item in Sophie's Sewing Set is a thimble pouch. 

Even the bottom is pretty.

A perfect home for one or more thimbles.

Of course a needle book belongs to the sewing set.
I didn't cut the rose motive accurate enough, the right side is partly hidden by the lace.

A close up of the vine. Just simple stem stitches, detached chain and french knots.

The inside.

This is the thread wallet I showed before.
The loop is too small to fit around the button.

I changed the button because I needed it elsewhere.
And I sewed on an extra loop.

The top loop is pulled through the bottom loop and positioned around the button.

The design and fabrics are from Faeries in my Garden.

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