Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sophie's very pretty sewing basket and other things

The next item in Sophie's sewing set is a pin cushion.

Have you ever seen such a cute sewing basket?
It wears a skirt and has lots of little pockets at the sides.

It measures about 7" square.

The basket can carry all those little sewing treasures.

DH thought it was a bathing suit. 
Of course we ladies know that it is a scissors case.

I was pretty sure I had cut away the excess fabric of the seams enough for a neat finish.
It seems I was wrong, I leaned another lesson!

All the designs and fabrics are from Faeries in my Garden.


  1. that basket is divine......and the needle case and pin cushion exquisite too, so pretty

  2. What a darling little sewing basket!Love all the little accessories!

    1. The little basket is adorable and I use it too. The pin cushion sits in it and the pockets carry small items like spools with thread, a ripper, tweezers and the tape measure cover.

  3. You HAVE been busy making all these pretty things! The basket is very practical, too with all the pockets. I am amazed at the variety of rose print on the fabric. The scissors case is making good use of the oval rings of roses in the pattern.

  4. Marjolein Dear your little sewing kit is wonderful. I adore how you are showcasing it as your new banner. That is the cutest little basket ever! How nice to make something practical and beautiful. Happy Creative Hearts...

  5. Oh, dear Marjolein, this is the prettiest sewing set ever! Those rose prints are fabulous and I love every piece you have made :)

  6. Beautiful sewing set!!!
    Happy weekend dear Marjolein!!

  7. Such a delightful set! I do love the rose pattern. It will make stitching all the more enjoyable to carry all the little pieces in that adorable basket.

  8. these pieces are so beautiful, what a lovely set of sewing delights.

  9. The order in your sewing room - and maybe on the canape - is a rosy one. What a practical little basket with all the more or less secret pockets to hide the acquired treasures which not everybody must see.


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