Thursday, May 9, 2013

More sewing items

This is a pin tray. I don't think I will use it for pins as a pincushion is also included in the sewing set.
The bottom of the pin tray was flat before the sides were brought up. Now there are folds (not visible on this picture). I'll try to shift them to the bottoms of the sides.

A sewing pail. I don't know if it  has a definite task.
At the moment it attends the sticher's pillow and the fabric remnants.

The roses are absolutely fabulous. The pail is posing on our couch.

This threads wallet can keep strands of embroidery floss on the right part under the two flaps. The rat tail loop is a bit too short to fit around the button, something I will mend later. The thread rings can hold cut pieces of threads.

The wallet closes with a grosgrain ribbon.


  1. such pretty fabric and delightful aids to stitching

  2. Even if the pin tray and other items in this kit won't be used for their 'proper' use, they will beautify your room. The rose pattern is fabulous!
    Thank you for teaching me a new expression: thread wallet. I didn't know that one.

  3. these are certainly beautiful treasures to have in the house even if you do not use them for their intended purpose.Very pretty fabric

  4. I love that rose pattern! I wonder if the pin cushion would fit inside the pin tray, to put away when not in use. How big is the pail? Is it large enough to hold a project? If not, I think it's a pretty place to put your thread ends. Such a lovely set!

  5. Very sweet and romantic and lovely. The rose is marvellous. I am with Suztat - the pail is certainly useful for the many thread ends.
    LoL too, I am thinking of our funny cyber conversation whenever I touch the cover.

  6. I love your designs and especially your choice of fabric! Roses...sigh....

    1. The designs and choice of fabric are not mine actually. They are from

  7. I think surrounding ourselves with beauty is very important...and these are beautiful. Each one unique and clever and even practical. I don't think it gets any better. Creative Bliss Dear...


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