Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lace edge

I alternated working on Sophie's Sewing Set with the fall quilt, as sewing on a long lace trim is a rather tedious job.
The edges of the center rectangle are very straight. 

To "blend" them more with the surrounding blocks I added a curved lace trim.
For the corners of the rectangle I had to adapt the lace. 
I cut a suitable piece of lace......

...and cut an even smaller piece....

...and sewed it on exactly (more or less) in the corner. 

That way the curves of the lace continue through the corners of the rectangle.

The completed edge.



  1. You've put in a lot of hard work on your quilt. Stitching black lace with black tread onto black background must strain your eyes. There is no strain on the eye to look at the quilt - it is growing more and more beautiful for every time you show it. Well done!

  2. These colours are beautiful and what a good job you did with the lace!

  3. Wow! This is amazing. It is a journey watching it all come together.

  4. a wonderful piece, and you have such a great eye with you colour choices always stunning.

  5. Hello Marjolein, can you show us more wonderful things!
    I love it!!!!!!
    Kisses and happy new week.

  6. This black lace and the positioning you have sewn it is stunning. I love the look of lace against the bold colors of this Fall quilt. I do know the tedious nature of hand sewing lace. It is my preferred method for lace edgings. Happy Hearts Creating Dear...

  7. Stai facendo un ottimo lavoro,bravissima!!!
    Ciao, Assunta.


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