Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday: ribbon bouquet part II

Finished bouquet

In the the second (and last) part of the little bouquet I'll share how I completed this piece.
It is my contribution to Work in Progress Wednesday, hosted by SharonB
Anna Scott wrote a clear tutorial about lacing.

From firm cardboard I cut an oval piece and overlaid it with batting.

Along the edge of the embroidered piece I basted with a double thread. 
I basted in two parts, one in the top half and one in the lower half. I thought it would be easier that way to pull the thread to gather the fabric around the cardboard.
On the picture from bottom to top: the basted embroidered front, an extra layer of batting and the cardboard. 

The two gathering threads are pulled around the cardboard and fastened.

The fabric is stretched around the cardboard.

From the same fabric I sewed a layer at the backside. A ribbon loop is sewed in between.

The finished bouquet.


  1. You've finished this elegantly. Thank you for the tutorial.

  2. Wow, Beautiful bouquet!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing this Marjolein. This lovely little piece turned out beautifully.

  4. Very pretty...Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. Your finished bouquet is lovely. I like seeing you use thread and needle to secure it rather than glue. The stitched edging is perfect. Blissful dear...

  6. a lovely bouquet and the instructions are so clear and detailed, thank you

  7. Beautifully finished and your instructions are very helpful.


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