Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday: ribbon bouquet part I

This is the first time I participate in Work in Progress Wednesday, hosted by SharonB.

I decided to work on this little bouquet has been waiting in my closet for a few years. It only had to be finished off.
The design is from an English magazine called "Classic Stitches". This magazine doesn't exist anymore.
The embroidery measures about 8 x 12 cm.
It was my first acquaintance with ribbon embroidery. When I looked at it again I noticed that the spider web roses are stuffed with too much ribbon. 

I picked them out and did them again.
These are the lengths of ribbon that are left over now.

 They look more realistic now.

Next I embroidered a chain stitch frame with 4 mm satin ribbon.


  1. This is a very attractive design and you have executed it perfectly, even redoing the roses.
    WIPW is a great way to deal with any UFOs or just speed up the process on an ongoing project.
    Let's meet again next Wednesday!

  2. Very pretty !!!!The stitches selected for the design are great.

  3. Beautiful, the design and stitching!

  4. Your bouquet made of ribbon and thread is stunning. I can see the difference on your spider web roses...only after you pointed it out. Congratulations on finishing such a beautiful piece of handwork. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  5. a very pretty piece, another technique I have not tried, no I must not add it to my list, it is allready never ending! such a shame classic stitches went, one of the very few Brit magazines that were not cross stitch

  6. Always admire your stitching Marjolein!

  7. Your ribbon bouquet is beautifully done! Lovely pictures you took as well!

  8. this is stunning! I tried SRE a couple of years ago and failed, I must give it another go!


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