Monday, April 29, 2013

Golden spiderweb

This is a sheer black fabric with golden spiderwebs.

I ironed misty fuse at the back.
The white is the unsolved glue of the misty fuse. Fortunately the glue solves when the spiderweb is ironed on the quilt.

The sheer black fabric is hardly visible, but the golden spiderweb is. 
This is exactly what I had in mind ;-)


  1. Excellent results and very dramatic. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

  2. The perfect fabric for your quilt. Oh, I can already 'see' how wonderful this will be when completed. While working on it you will have great fun.

  3. Dear Marjolein all your work is great right from the early stages!
    This spiderweb is amazing!!

  4. Hi Marjolein, I suddenly remembered that it is long that I was on your blog. I must change something in my reading list. Your blog doesn't show up. I am sorry. You certainly wondered why there are no comments from my side. The spider web looks great and I wonder what it is going to be. You see, I am not informed.

  5. a wonderful spiders web and wonder if you are going to add a spider or is it away from the web maybe spinning another web

  6. Hi Margaret!

    WOW! I love your spider web idea - fantastic! I have a little present here on my desk for you but keep forgetting to ask you to send me your address. Contact me ASAP with it and I will put it in the mail next week. Enjoy your weekend!


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