Saturday, March 2, 2013

The bay...second attemp

The sea was too narrow, so I decided on a second attempt to widen it.

The seams of the waves had to continue in the "new" piece of fabric. A matter of folding and sewing.

The "new" brown hill is much smaller now.

An additional piece of lacy foam is added and the buttonhole stitches are continued.

At the top I have already added more stitching to hide the seam between the old and the new sea. 
Still more hiding to do ;-)

All about the "Message in a bottle challenge" can be found here.

I came to the conclusion I want to spend more time on my stitching and other things I want to do, which means less time at my computer, less blogging and visiting other blogs. 
There is so much to see, enjoy and learn on the blogs and the internet, but all this fun takes a lot of time, so choices have to be made.


  1. I think you have improved the scene greatly! I did the trick of standing back to admire your work and it is not only beautiful but looks so realistic. WELL DONE!
    Don't worry about giving the computer a rest. As long as you post your progress I will be pleased.
    Happy stitching!

  2. I completely agree with Queeniepatch and her comment above. Your expanding the sea is perfect. I will miss you dear however completely understand how time on the computer really does distract from creative time. I am very guilty. Creative Hugs my friend...

  3. please do not leave us to long between your blogs as I live watching your progress and reading how you go about creating all you do.Best of luck with your continued creativity and will read your blogs as and when you have time to post, I think we all use up valuable stitching time on the computer and need to limit our use at times

  4. Wat een diepte zit er nu in, prachtig.

  5. Wow this is looking so wonderful! The waves, sea, hills and foam all look terrific. I totally understand about taking an internet break. It does have a way of eating into our precious time so easily. Enjoy :)

  6. Thank you Marjolein, for visiting my blog. Oh I see, the same with me. Less time at the computer! But how could I do without. There is so much so see and so much inspiration, too. I lelarned already a lot, things which I did not know that they existed at all. I can see it here in France, where I have not internet. But, hélas, there is so much other work about this old house.


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