Saturday, March 16, 2013

The brown dune and the sea

These are parts of real shells I found at the beach.
I cut a tiny piece of plastic, pricked two holes and pulled thread through.

Next I glued the plastic to the shells.
All I have to do now is fasten the threads.

Loose french knots and drizzle stitches made with a variegated DMC floss and of loose threads of the fringe trim.

I thought the herringbone stitches on top of the dune could represent the sunlight on the top.
Later on I removed them.

More buttonhole stitches to create movement in the sea (hm....actually to hide the seam).

All about the "Message in a bottle challenge" can be found here.


  1. this new section has worked amazingly, the colours all blend together so very well

  2. Such a tease only showing that pretty little bit! so good.

  3. How did you get the shells to stay on? Love it!!

  4. Suztats is right, you ARE a tease! All the details are looking good, and I too, am wondering how you made the shells stay on.

  5. that's beautiful, it's looking amazing!

  6. NEAT! That is the only thing I can say about how you have fixed the shells to the fabric! Thanks for the tip. I learn so much from this wonderful Dutch teacher!

  7. Dear Marjolein this is called "Touched ARTIST"
    Happy new week.

  8. Have been remiss in visiting - the shells really add pizazz!

  9. Adding real shells is terrific! Can't wait to see more or your beautiful piece!

  10. I missed this post somehow and am so glad you referred back to it today. Your method of attaching the shells is brilliant. This is lovely. Blissful Stitching Dear...


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