Saturday, March 23, 2013

Finished project: Message in a bottle

Finished CQ Message in a bottle

Below I'll share some close ups.

I added more glass beads and sequins in the pool and wooden beads at the foot of the dune.
The turtle charm and the large butterfly were in the package, so were 5 large glass beads of two different colors blue. I used only three of them. Fortunately the different blues matched the blues of the pool. 
The lighter square sparkles in the left fabric were in that fabric itself.

Also more beads and a turtle from my own stash are added.
Have you noticed that little butterfly from the package on the grass? It has found a perfect spot between the grasses. 

And finally.....the bottle.
It was empty, so I added a rolled piece of paper, no message on it.
I fastened it with invisible thread, it can be seen on two points though ;)
On the sea I sewed glass beads from the package, they form the sparkles in the sea.

This project was also my contribution to the CQJP 2013.
The whole quilt was large enough for four months.
I cut the photo of the finished quilt in four equal squares.

January block CQJP

I had my doubts about adding seam treatments on these distant dunes.
Because of the distance and the pattern of the front dune I decided not to. 

February block CQJP
The same goes for the distant blue dunes.
The herringbone stitches on the brown dune have been replaced by french knots to represent little shrubs.

March block CQJP

April block CQJP

I replaced the herringbone stitches by grasses.

All about the "Message in a bottle challenge" can be found here.
The challenge ends on March 31st.


  1. SUPERB! There is no other word for it!
    Seen from a distance it is really realistic; it could be taken for a photograph.
    Up close you've got all these wonderful details to drool over.
    You have used every piece in the package to its advantage. When you have changed your mind, it has been for a better and improved look.
    Let me say it again: it is a SUPERB piece of art!

  2. the most beautiful Message in the bottle I've ever seen!!!

  3. Beautiful landscape - "Dutch dream of holidays" - It will be a gem on your wall. Come to Croatia once and you will find such places.

  4. Wow, dit is prachtig! En dat in zo'n korte tijd. Ik heb genoten van je uitgebreide uitleg. Dank je wel.

  5. Oh, this is just great! So it was interesting to see what happens in the end! But in the end - excellent work, interesting story!

  6. Spectacular! This is a beautiful finish. I love the butterfly in the grasses and the turtle in the sea, but your whole plan and execution is just marvelous. I'm glad you put some rolled up paper in the glass bottle to represent the message.

  7. Marjolein Dear this is just breathtaking. Your finished art is amazing with all the elements you were to incorporate and how you managed to work it all together. The beads and butterflies and turtles really give life to the sea and dunes. I hope you signed and dated this piece for eternity. Beautifully done my friend. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

  8. This is just absolutely fabulous! Have enjoyed watching it grow. So much detail and all of it together makes a perfect piece you should be very, very proud of!!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment.
      It was a real challenge to use all the stuff in the package.

  9. Turned out beautifully! It has been an inspiring journey as this piece progressed.

  10. Wow, it is absolutely stunning. Love the message in a bottle! Thanks for sharing the progress with us, i really enjoyed watching this come to life.

  11. fantastic!! amazing work! congrats to you and a lot of inspiration and ideas for the next one! :)

  12. speechless this is wonderful and it was such fun following your journey, wondering what you will amaze us with next.

  13. It's been great seeing your progression of sewing and putting this wonderful CQ together. There are so many lovely bits and fabulous stitching that it looks absolutely terrific! You must be so pleased.

  14. Ho scoperto oggi il tuo blog e sono subito rimasta affascinata dalla prima immagine che ho visto e tu hai davvero fatto un buon lavoro con il materiale nel Kit, hai espresso al meglio il tema proposto.


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