Thursday, March 21, 2013

Almost there....

In the challenge package were two blue silk ribbons, 4 mm wide.
However the blue didn't fit anywhere, only at the very bottom of the pool.
I could only think of flowers, they are made with loop stitches and a colonial knot in the center.

Here I have added the first beads in the pool: two glass beads from the package, sequins from the special fabric and glass beads from the bead mix in the package.

How the shells are fastened, is described here.
A special shell shape is caught under the net.

More grasses are added and herringbone stitches at the top, which I later removed.

Three MOP birds. 
The two large ones (mum bird and dad bird) were in the package, the smaller one (baby bird) is from my own stash.

All about the "Message in a bottle challenge" can be found here.


  1. Everything is looking wonderful, and I like all the movement in your water.

  2. I am amazed at all the details you have added to the scene. All the time I am wondering what the whole picture looks like now; you are such a tease! Will the birds be swimming in the sea, the pool or flying in the sky? Oh, please show us soon!

  3. Every detail you add is an added value to the wonder that you are creating!!
    Happy weekend Marjolein.

  4. Marjolein Dear this Message in a Bottle block is stunning. I love the MOP little bird family you have added. The beads, baubles and shells really add the finishing touches. Wonderful Weekend to you my friend...


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