Saturday, February 16, 2013

The pool and a dune

The swirls had to expand to make the pool blend with the fabrics beside the pool. I couched down Kreinik thread in the right color.

This is 2" Webbed Ribbon. I had never seen anything like this until I was shopping at Joggles.

It can be cut and doesn't fray. They resemble little ripples in the water. I will use this ribbon to hide the edge of the pool and to blend the fabrics.

The brown dune on the left is too large. One of the fabrics in the challenge package looked like pebbles in sand. I thought that some pebbles at the foot of the dune could make the dune smaller.

I started to applique the pebble pieces, then stitched in the sand between the darker pebbles to let the pebbles protrude.

They  look more like giant blobs.

I decided to create a another sand/pebble dune in front of the brown dune.

I trusted there was enough sand/pebble fabric to cover the lower part of the brown dune.

After some puzzling the new created dune consisted of seven appliqued pieces.

Much better ;-) 

All about the "Message in a bottle challenge" can be found here.


  1. the swirls you have added to the pool really make the water alive and your new sand dune has worked a treat.

  2. This "Message in a Bottle" block is certainly a challenge...although you are rising to it in spectacular form. The pebbles really look wonderful on the sand dune. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  3. oh, yes, love seeing this evolve! Looking good! Is the bottle going to be floating amongst those lace swirls? I wonder what the message is.....

  4. Your work in progress is so beautiful!!
    Happy Sunday.

  5. This is coming along beautifully!


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