Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Creating a pool

In the challenge package are also these wonderful fabrics. The second fabric on the bottom left has little sparkling stones. 
The green in the sheer fabric matches the green in the two fabrics beside it.

Look how thin! There are shiny swirls that ask for attention.

When I use a bluish green as backing (right), the sheer fabrics blends into the one with the sparkles (left).

A closer picture of the sparkling fabric. The brown colors match the brown fabrics.

Mistyfuse is a miraculous material. It is very thin and I will use it to fuse the sheer swirling fabric on the background.

The sparkling fabric is hand appliqued whereby the light brown neighbors the light brown fabric and the dark brown the dark brown fabric.

These are the fabrics for the  pool. 

First the background. As the pool is less deep nearby the sand, the water is lighter there.

I ironed the Mistyfuse on the back of the sheer fabric and next on the background fabrics. I used a special sheet and baking paper to protect my iron and fabrics.

Here is the completed pool. Look at those swirls ;-D

The last two fabrics are appliqued.
This approaches the picture I have in mind.

All about the "Message in a bottle challenge" can be found here.


  1. this has worked wonderfully Marjolein, the swirly fabric for the pool could not be better. I can see that whoever made up these packs of fabrics took a great deal of care and inspiration as they work so well together.

  2. Your pool using the sheer fabric over the green is pure bliss. I love the browns beside the pool. I must have missed your last post as life gets busy. You really have an eye for design to see what the challenge fabrics can become. Stitching Bliss Dear...

  3. This will be a great image. I sea rocks water in front - the pool? - and then the sea and sky. A fabulous picture.
    I love the colors and the sheer fabric is beautiful. You created something very special.

  4. Your beautiful work is a fabulosse picture!!!!

  5. Every fabric you show this time looks wet! Perfect for what you have in mind. You have made a very realistic pool on the beach.

  6. Wow, wat een mooi blok! Ik kijk al uit naar je borduurwerk.


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