Wednesday, February 27, 2013

First vegetation

Little bare shrubs in fly/feather stitches with perle 8.

Clumps of grass with a blue/green variegated DMC floss.
I used sheaf stitch, with irregular straight stitches and the “middle” horizontal straight stitch is more at the bottom.

Remember this special fabric? 

Perfect flowers, but much too large.
I cut them out very carefully and basted in circles from the center to the outside.
Next I pulled and shaped it till it looked like a flower.

I sewed them down, trying to place the center a bit backwards as you look at them from aside.

All about the "Message in a bottle challenge" can be found here.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

More waves

About the "bay problem".... after sleeping a few nights on it, I sort of solved it. In a future post I'll show what I did.

While appliqueing I was doubting if the hills had to be sewed on top of the sea or the other way around. Now I'm pretty sure the sea has to be on top of the hills. 
Anyway, the sea splashes against the hills. I tried to create a coastline with buttonhole stitches,

A second row of irregular buttonhole stitches on top with white thread.

More buttonhole rows on the waves.


All about the "Message in a bottle challenge" can be found here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The bay and the beach

This is another special fabric in the challenge package.
What to use it for?

The first idea was to minimize the large dark brown hill on the right.
I wanted to do that by expanding the sea.

The pebble fabric could serve as the bottom of a bay, the transparent blue as shallow water.

Where the small blue piece is, is the water deeper, thus darker blue.

This is the result. A little rock completes the bay, I added another rock and another one but I wasn't pleased with the result. I have unpicked the bay ;(

On the beach there are often ripples in the sand. To imitate the ripples I used a brown ribbon from the package.

The ribbon is twisted firmly.

Like this..... and couched down.

Completed ripples.

All about the "Message in a bottle challenge" can be found here.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The pool and a dune

The swirls had to expand to make the pool blend with the fabrics beside the pool. I couched down Kreinik thread in the right color.

This is 2" Webbed Ribbon. I had never seen anything like this until I was shopping at Joggles.

It can be cut and doesn't fray. They resemble little ripples in the water. I will use this ribbon to hide the edge of the pool and to blend the fabrics.

The brown dune on the left is too large. One of the fabrics in the challenge package looked like pebbles in sand. I thought that some pebbles at the foot of the dune could make the dune smaller.

I started to applique the pebble pieces, then stitched in the sand between the darker pebbles to let the pebbles protrude.

They  look more like giant blobs.

I decided to create a another sand/pebble dune in front of the brown dune.

I trusted there was enough sand/pebble fabric to cover the lower part of the brown dune.

After some puzzling the new created dune consisted of seven appliqued pieces.

Much better ;-) 

All about the "Message in a bottle challenge" can be found here.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Creating a pool

In the challenge package are also these wonderful fabrics. The second fabric on the bottom left has little sparkling stones. 
The green in the sheer fabric matches the green in the two fabrics beside it.

Look how thin! There are shiny swirls that ask for attention.

When I use a bluish green as backing (right), the sheer fabrics blends into the one with the sparkles (left).

A closer picture of the sparkling fabric. The brown colors match the brown fabrics.

Mistyfuse is a miraculous material. It is very thin and I will use it to fuse the sheer swirling fabric on the background.

The sparkling fabric is hand appliqued whereby the light brown neighbors the light brown fabric and the dark brown the dark brown fabric.

These are the fabrics for the  pool. 

First the background. As the pool is less deep nearby the sand, the water is lighter there.

I ironed the Mistyfuse on the back of the sheer fabric and next on the background fabrics. I used a special sheet and baking paper to protect my iron and fabrics.

Here is the completed pool. Look at those swirls ;-D

The last two fabrics are appliqued.
This approaches the picture I have in mind.

All about the "Message in a bottle challenge" can be found here.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Distant hills

The finished sea.

I simply appliqued the distant hill.

This fabric is too dark for a distant hill. To make it lighter I used the same sheer fabric as for the sky.

The white embroidery on the sheer fabric will be hidden by the next hill.

Mmm, it is not my favorite fabric.

To be honest, I don't like this fabric either. However I must use it. I decided to use the darkest part with brown in it. The yellow arrow points at what could be a brook that runs to the sea.

This is the seascape as it is now.

All about the "Message in a bottle challenge" can be found here.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Waves: part II

The next wave is nearer, hence larger. First I sewed on the lace...

....folded the sea....

....and fastened the sea slightly behind the top of the wave.

To give the wave a round shape I embroidered a line of stem stitches just below the foam.
Later I will add more embroidery.

The sea so far. Of course the front wave rolls over the beach.

All about the "Message in a bottle challenge" can be found here.

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