Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lacy clouds part II

I wanted more clouds. As it is allowed to add stuff outside the challenge package, I decided to use cheesecloth to create more clouds. I got this idea from the wonderful book by Judith Baker Montano: "Free-form embroidery".

I folded the cheesecloth double to form a solid edge.
After some manipulating and sewing I got this result.

More clouds.

The sky was very blue, too blue. To tone it down I added a densely woven transparent  fabric. I tried tulle first, but I felt the texture was too plain. 
The misty result will create an impression of distance. I think that will become more clear when the rest of the landscape is appliqued. 

All about the "Message in a bottle challenge" can be found here.


  1. Mooi zo, die wolken met scrim. Daar kun je zulke leuke effecten mee bereiken. Leuk om te zien hoe je stap voor stap te werk gaat met dit project.

  2. Marjolein dear your cheesecloth clouds are perfection. I also really like the toned down blue sky with the haze of sheer fabric. Depth and dimension are definitely forming. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  3. The cheesecloth looks excellent as it really does tone the blue down. Looking good...

  4. Your clouds are very effective Marjolein. I love the work of Judith Baker Montano, her work is always inspirational.

  5. the cheesecloth works so well for the clouds, would love to see a blue sky like yours here, ours are very cloudy and dismal!

  6. There is so much to learn from your blog! You have made fantastic clouds and think the hazy sky WILL add depth to the picture.

  7. simply gorgeous clouds - already I can see the depth created by the added layer ~ the process is so enjoyable and edifying to watch - thank you again for your blogging :)

  8. Hello, I found you via Find a Friend Friday and I am impressed by your clouds. I can't wait to see how your challenge progresses so I am now your newest follower
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs


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