Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Introducing a new project: Message in a bottle

Last November at Crazy Quilting Supplies a challenge was announced:
Message in a bottle.
I couldn't resist and signed up.
All information about this challenge can be found here.
This project will also be submitted to CQJP 2013.

I ordered the challenge packet: 14 fancy fabrics,

lace, ribbons, trim, beads, charms, pearl coton 8, interfacing, an unusual fabric (empty) bottle charm (in the red oval).
Everything in the packet must be visible on the challenge piece.

This is the rough plan: sky, sea, mountains, beach.
The bottle (without a message) of course is washed ashore among driftwood.
The canvas measures 27 x 35 cm, that is 945 square cm. This means the size of four blocks as the minimum size of a CQJP block is 225 square cm.
I will work this piece as one large block which can count for four months.


  1. A new project. A definite departure in colour and design from last year - oh, so exciting!

  2. Fun idea/challenge Marjolein! I love that color combo and look forward to seeing your finished blocks.

  3. This looks so fun! Can't wait to see all the progress!

  4. This will be a wonderful new CQ project. I love the blues and theme of Message in a Bottle with the ocean and sand and waves. I will stay tuned for updates. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  5. I'm anticipating lots of lovely stitch magic on this, Marjolein!

  6. this looks like a very challenging project which I know you will produce an amazing result with, it is going to be great fun following you on the jouirney

  7. New Project and ... Surely from your hands will create a wonderful Crazy Quilt.

  8. INTERESTING! I already love how you have placed the pieces for the sky, sea, mountains and beach. Looking forward to following your progress.


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