Saturday, January 19, 2013

Finished CQJP 2012: Crazy Violets

Crazy Violets
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To flatten all the seams at the back I stitched them down with herringbone stitch.
Sharon at Pintangle has written a series of posts about "How to assemble a Crazy Quilt". I followed more or less her instructions.
Allie Aller wrote about finishing a crazy quilt in CQmagonline.

Next I ironed on a medium weight interface (vilene).
Then I layered on the back: batting (left) and a cotton fabric (middle) for the back
The fabric on the right is upholstery fabric which I used for the false back.

I pinned the quilt, batting and back together and started tying the quilt sandwich. 
No stitches are visible at the front because all stitches are hidden behind the embellishments.

Next I attached the false back by sewing on six buttons at the intersections of four blocks at the front. No stitches are visible at the front, they are hidden in seams or behind embellishments.
Than I sewed on a hanging sleeve and the binding. 
I followed the instructions from the book "A-Z of quilting". 
Online I found a tutorials on a hanging sleeve here and on adding the binding here and here.

I thought a strip used to hold a poster could act as a rod.
One strip didn't, two strips didn't either because they bent too much

Then I tried a flat wooden slat with two pushpins to secure the cord.
The board turned over a bit so the quilt didn't hang flat.

When the pushpins are secured at the top of the board the quilt hangs best.

This is the end of my journey on creating a complete crazy quilt.
The Crazy Violets Quilt found a spot on a wall in our living room.


  1. Oh my gosh, it is even more gorgeous when completed! Those colors really pop and just draw you to the quilt. The tutorial on assembly is wonderful, and is sure to help loads of folks to complete their projects too! Very nice job, a very inspiring quilt!

  2. Oh, this quilt is gorgeous! I watched as you created it. I loved it - the selection of colors, stitching, decoration! Very beautiful work!

  3. Marjolein,
    This crazy quilt is magnificent. What a beautiful end to 2012! I've said it before, but everything about this is lovely: design, colors, stitching, etc. Congratulations! I'm inspired.

  4. WOW!!! I don't always comment but I read and admire every post you make. I'm buried in "regular" quilting UFOs this year... but one of my rewards I hope to gain when I'm caught up is joining CQJP 2014 and jump starting my own love of CQ.

  5. Found a place ...... vis à vis of a Schwarzwald Kuckucksuhr. Lovely.

  6. Found a place ...... vis à vis of a Schwarzwald Kuckucksuhr. Lovely.

  7. You did a fantastic job with this creation. Congratulations to you.

    FlowerLady Lorraine

  8. Your quilt is just beautiful. I use Allie Aller's method to finish my CQ's as well. Lots of work, but worth it.

  9. Marjolein Dear this is truly a work of art created by your very own hands and eyes and heart and soul. Every detail, every stitch, every embellishment really adds to the perfection of each block and seam. Your finishing it so precisely speaks to the care and attention you have given this entire project. It is truly exquisite! Well done my friend...

  10. YAY all finished and it looks awesome!!! <3

  11. Hooray!! WOW - just gorgeous!! I am so excited to have this information and your blog so that embroidery and CQ is not so intimidating! I am beginning a CQ block
    this month for CQJP2013. thank you always marjolein - how very precious you are :)

  12. how I love this quilt, I have throughly enjoyed following your journey and wow the finished quilt is truly magnificent. Your instructions for finishing are so clear, will know where to come if and when I ever complete a whole quilt. Trust the chair is not the one you sit on in your living room, you can`t sit with your back to the hanging you need to face it and admire it.

    I am in awe

  13. A work of art without a doubt! Really love the way you have blended the blocks.

  14. Gefeliciteerd! Het is een prachtige quilt geworden.

  15. Dear Marjolein you crazy quilt is magnificent!!!!
    Happy new week!

  16. Your finished quilt looks stunning! You must be so pleased. Enjoyed reading how you finished it off and definitely looking fwd to seeing what you are going to work on next.

  17. Isn't being finished wonderful!

    That was a great way to get the quilt up and hung, and hanging right.

  18. Bravo Marjolein!!! This quilt is gorgeous! Congratulations on your work....I'm looking forward to message in a bottle.

    xo Susan


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