Saturday, January 12, 2013

Final embellishments part I

All twelve blocks are sewed together. The "new" seams need some embellishments as I want the whole quilt to look as a unity.

First I embroidered the seams with Wheatear stitch. Next  I sewed on a lace flower to cover the intersection. 
Wheatear stitch is a  catchup TAST stitch. I used two threads DMC floss in different colors to match the fabrics.

The horizontal middle seam is covered with open chain stitch. Here is how this stitch is done.

Next intersection.

A ribbon is sewed on, a ribbon flower at the right and a lace butterfly.

I added two flower beads and a few orange french knots. These additions make the blocks blend.

That "half" branch in the middle left looks chopped of.

I added another ribbon with tufts and more little lace flowers.

Next I will fill the emptiness above the new added ribbon.

The orange flowers are expanded to the blocks nearby.

A simple herringbone stitch.

Fern stitches with a variegated thread.


  1. Fantastic work, dear Marjolein! Exquisite stitching... Wow! Most wonderful!

  2. Marjolein, I love the way you have combined your blocks. It looks so natural and your stitches really help to unify. Your choice of colors is perfect. This is just a stunning piece! I can't wait to see the hanger in its entirety.

  3. Your work is simply beautiful!

  4. Wow! Marjolein, it is just gorgeous! I agree with everything Connie wrote, and I would love to see a pic of the entire quilt. Love it.

  5. Wow this is just exquisite. I cannot imagine how many hours or miles of threads you have in this project. It is truly an heirloom treasure for generations to come. Blissful Stitching Dear...

  6. Your blog is going to be so helpful to me -- seeing how the design develops one step at a time is great! I have had a lot of fun looking around, and will be back many times for inspiration and education! Gail at

  7. I fully agree with gailllc, your blog is such an inspiration, as well as an educational treasure.
    Often on a cq quilt made up of blocks, the seams that join the blocks are the only straight ones and can give the whole quilt a gridded look. Your method of embellishing, not only the seams, but the areas around them, removes that problem (if one sees it as a problem). The eye is transported from area to area and the whole quilt is unified and harmonious. At the same time, I have seldom seen a quilt with so many details to look at! I take my hat off!

  8. I love the colors you have chosen and your stitching is just fabulous. You are indeed an inspiration! I need to get started. I hope you are signed up for CQJP2013. :)

    1. Thank you Asha for visiting and commenting!
      I have signed up for 2013. Have not decided on the project though.

  9. how I agree with all the other comments Marjolein, your blocks are going together with great harmony and I am sure when finished we will need to invent new words to describe it can`t wait to see it all done but want to see all the progress reports as you continue to put it together


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