Wednesday, January 9, 2013

December block: finished

This is just a simple chain stitch with a variegated thread. 
I love its delicateness.

I completed the bunch of pansies with a stem stitch branch and lace leaves.
I cut the leaves from a larger piece of lace and sewed them on.
The orange lace butterfly looks better than the tatted one I talked about before.

On the seam of yellow patch I embroidered Cretan stitches, on the seam of the purple one Buttonhole stitches.
The flower spray at the top are berry stitches, I posted about it here.

I wasn't happy with the lace butterfly after all. It didn't soothe the orange as much as I wanted.
So off goes the butterfly. On go some gathered ribbon flowers. I'm sorry I forgot to take step-by-step pictures. I made a drawing though, which is below. These flowers are also from the book Ribbonwork Gardens by Christen Brown.

The red dotted line indicates the running stitches. At the blue arrows the thread is looped over the edge. Pull the thread and stitch next to the knot. Of course the knot is made a little from the edge. Match both triangles at the ends and fasten them.

The lilac ready made butterfly had a relief in the wings. This asked for silver metallic fly stitches to create the veins.

The last addition are the lilac flower beads at the bottom. Their color matches exactly the lilac fabric on the right.


  1. Your December block is beautiful and will carry on well with all the other blocks you have completed. It is so nice that you describe and demonstrate so many of the stitches and flowers you create. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts dear...

  2. Wat een mooi blok! De chain stitch komt er heel mooi op uit.

  3. I love the curves on this block, you have created what is almost a wreath.
    Changing butterflies was a smart move and I love the Berry stitches.

  4. I love this! Lots of movement with the curvy lines, and a nice touch with the butterfly veins. Your blocks always look beautiful and cohesive.

  5. wow and more wow, another really great block Marjolein you are such an inspiration, can`t wait to see what you are now going to do with all these blocks, whether they will be a quilt or book , whatever you do with them I am sure we will all love it

  6. Is so lovely like all the other ones.You are a real inspiration Marjolein and want to thank you for all this lovely work you publish and which is so inspiring

  7. The block is beautiful. I enjoyed seeing the process as you changed out some elements for others that you liked better. The final result was worth all the thinking you did.

  8. What a beautiful block and the embroidery is awesome! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  9. It's lovely Marjolein. I like the uses of variegated threads. I don't have enough of those, which brand do you prefer? I also like those big long nesting detached chains under your orange flower beads...just great!


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