Wednesday, December 12, 2012

October block CQJP: finished

The big orange pimple is replaced by a bee charm, it looks much better.
I also added two seam treatments: on the right a simple ric rac ribbon with sparkles; on the left bull's head stitch with Kreinik #4. How bull's head stitch is done, can you find here
I felt that the basket was floating and that it needed a sort of floor to sit on.
I'm not sure this is the solution.

Beautiful lace from my stash in the right color.

The upper right corner needed to be filled with something light.
Maidenhair stitch is perfect for that purpose. Some beads add just a little sparkle.
Here you can see how maidenhair stitch is done.

The finished October block.

I have added a lace flower and a flower bead to enhance the button spray.
The pencil painted lace needed a second layer of paint. This time I wetted the lace with a paintbrush before coloring them with my watercolor pencils.
I decided to remove the ribbons at the bottom underneath the basket.

Note.: all the blue on the photo is purple in reality.


  1. Very lovely. I agree your basket needs to "set" on about some simple brownish stitches to represent a table or some green to look like picnic grass. Being bold is not like me so I apologize if my suggestion is ill advised. Blissful Stitching Dear...

  2. I rather liked something under the basket to anchor it-- perhaps just some thread in a darker purple to look like a shadow......
    The whole block is beautiful! Of course, I love those tatted JK clusters! ;-D
    You do such lovely work, and I do like the bumblebee charm.

  3. another great block I go with the other comments re the basket needs something but not sure what. Popped over to see the tutorial on the bulls head stitch what a great site, has been added to my favorites.

  4. It is interesting to see how you have progressed through this block, how you change your mind and come up with new ideas.
    I think you have balanced soft and stark colours, the denser lace and tatting with the airy Maidenhair stitch and keeping the middle piece of printed fabric unadorned. Personally I don't think you need anything underneath the basket. When this block is joined to the other blocks maybe then you see if there still is a need of some additional stitches.
    It's a beautiful block and on my screen all 'blue' is purple!

  5. Het is weer een prachtig blok geworden. Je kunt altijd nog iets onder het mandje doen als je de blokken verder in elkaar zet.
    Ik vraag me af of het kant dat je met aquarelpotloden gekleurd hebt niet afgeeft als het per ongeluk nat wordt.


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