Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Next block: October

The naked October block.

Every time I saw these transparent lilac buttons in my stash I wondered where I could use them.
I decided to sew them down to support the orange rose beads, they are really big and they wobble.

I also added purple flower beads. The orange rose beads match the orange fabric of the block above.

To hide the eyes of the transparent flower buttons I attached a little bunch of lilac seed beads.
Completed button cluster......or not?????

Then I read this great tutorial by Kathy.
All of a sudden my button cluster looked dull, the transparent buttons didn't look the way I wanted.
Lace...that's it! I am going to sew little pieces of lace behind the transparent buttons.
Problem is the can I mix the perfect color?
Then I remembered I had watercolor pencils, they dissolve in water. Why not try them?
At least I know now for sure I'll  get the color of the pencil.

I soaked the lace in water and started coloring with my pencil. Coloring has to be done very strictly as every hidden spot has to be colored.

After it had dried I ironed it, cut it apart and sewed it on. It is darker than on the picture.
I have my doubts about the big orange button. DH said it looked like a big pimple.
Mmmm...maybe he's right.


  1. once again you have taken your block further than expected. What a great idea with the lace, like you I have the pencils and earlier this year I was given lots of small pieces of lace that a friend no longer required, she used to make the most exquisite christening gowns but the eyes are not good enough any more.The lave works so so well with the buttons.

  2. New block and new wonders!
    Lace and buttons are wonderful and I agree with DH ...
    Hugs and kisses.

  3. Everything is looking fine - And DHs are sometimes right. I also agree with him. The colour of the lace is super. The block will be exquisite.

  4. I see what you once said about STARTING with the buttons/beads!
    The lace did wonders to add a new depth to the block, and what a resourceful way to dye it. Now I know wht to do with MY pencils and lace!

  5. A great idea, Marjolein! I've used my watercolour paints and my acrylics to colour some lace, but I also have wc pencils, and crayons. Never thought of using that's for sharing.
    The button trail looks really nice with the lace. I think the big orange button is not just too big, but it's opaque while all the others are translucent, so I think maybe that's why it sticks out.........


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