Sunday, December 2, 2012

August and September block CQJP: finished

The August block.

The finishing touches: 
- a lace butterfly in the top right corner, it is hardly visible because it sits on the intersection of four blocks
- a lace dragonfly
- in the lower left corner another leaf in Italian border stitch and a little lace flower, both overflow to the block beneath.

The September block.

To see the pictures larger, right click and choose open link in new window.


  1. Beautiful! Love all the details.

  2. Your Crazy Quilting is absolutely gorgeous. Makes me want to try my hand at it again. I look forward to seeing more of your goodies. Great work!

  3. Prachtige blokken! Het is zo leuk om te volgen hoe je ze maakt.

  4. Your August/September blocks are so beautiful, singly, and together. You have married them well. Wonderful stitching!

  5. Your CQ blocks are exquisite in details. Your selections of color and stitching is perfection. So lovely dear...

  6. So pretty! I've been so caught up with other things I haven't gotten around to CQ yet. I do have to say your green, fern/stem like stitching is my looks so delicate. My stems always look thick or chunky. :-)

  7. This is so pretty! You're very talented!

    Submarine Sunday Link Party

  8. a truly wonderful block, so many lovely things and beautiful stitching, a feast for the eyes and so inspirational.

  9. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
    Hugs and kisses.

  10. Your piece is beautifully arranged and stitched and in such lovely colours and fabrics.


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