Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lots of lazy daisies

I thought it would be a good idea to follow the pattern of the yellow fabric. Nice bunches of flowers, perfect for lazy daisies. The slightly variegated thread is Stef Francis silk.
It turned out like this, how is it possible I didn't notice the regularity of the pattern???

More lazy daisies and french knots with my favorite Kreinik # 4 thread.
It is getting better, I love irregularity.......but only in stitching ;-)

Now looks the daisy field like a triangle, much too regular. 
For now I keep it this way. Later I want to expand the daisies to the adjacent blocks.

Bonnet stitch, another TAST catch up stitch, again Kreinik metallic thread. Before starting stitching I pulled it through Thread haven. It really seems that the thread is less likely to get damaged.

The block on its place. The purple lace flower is just auditioning.


  1. It is really coming along. I love that you've shown all the blocks together. I will have to try the bonnet stitch as this is new to me. Love the cluster of flowers and how they evolved.

  2. Your field of daisies is beautiful. Laying out the blocks and auditioning elements really allows for a cohesion of stitches and colors. Brilliant Dear. Blissful Stitching...

  3. Your lazy daisy flowers are wonderful, and I really like that they've grown and spread beyond the fabric and onto other pieces, just like the flowers in a garden will self-seed and spread their feet.
    I picked up a beautiful pansy doily in the second hand shop. It's crocheted and the flowers are yellow and mauve, so I immediately thought of you and your beautiful pansy blocks!

  4. this as always worked so very very well surely a masterpiece of construction and stitching.

  5. Wonderful!!!
    Hugs and kisses.


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