Saturday, November 3, 2012

June block CQJP 2012 completed

This purple fabric is too pretty to cover with embellishments, only one charm is added.
Actually it isn't blue as in the picture. 
At the back of the butterfly was a nice ring meant to attach it, only it was too big.
I thought I could bend it with a pliers. Yes, the ring bent and broke.

What to do? I cut a piece of plastic, made little holes with a needle, pulled thread through the holes, glued the plastic on the back of the butterfly and fastened the threads on the block.
I am not sure yet if this will do as the butterfly wiggles.

Here she is.

This part of the block was part of TAST week 39: knotted buttonhole stitch.
It was described here.

The finished June block of CQJP 2012

The top half of the crazy violets quilt. Of course the new seams will get a proper treatment.

If you click right on the photo and choose "open link in new window", a larger photo will show up that can still can be enlarged.


  1. As I always say you create wonders and the butterfly is beautiful!!!
    Happy weekend.
    Lot a kisses.

  2. a beautiful block as you say the fabric does not need to much adornment, the butterfly sets if off well, good on you for mending it

  3. That's a smart way to 'fix' the broken ring, and the butterfly is lovely on that pretty fabric. Wiggling a bit would make it look as though it's flying.
    All your blocks look fabulous together! What a wonderful crazy violets quilt!

  4. This butterfly of 10,000 happinesses is just perfect for this block. Brilliant way to still use the butterfly. Lovely blocks each and every one of them. Blissful Stitching Dear...

  5. This is so wonderful!!! I love the colors and your work is so lovely.

    FlowerLady Lorraine


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