Thursday, November 15, 2012

July block CQJP finished!

The finished July block.
The last embellishments are described below.

The airy leaves are knotted loop stitch, I blogged about it here.
Furthermore looped straight stitch ribbon flowers, ribbon stitch flowers and yellow scrunched flowers.

I felt the hedebo flower didn't attract enough attention as it is the center of the flower spray.
Filling the petals with purplish beads do the job. The petals look like capsules now ;)
The branches are in feather stitch with purple pearls as berries.

I promised I would show you how I made the yellow scrunched flowers.
Two threaded needles are needed, one needle gathers the silk ribbon (4 mm).

Pull the gathering thread....

with a little help from tweezers. Secure the ribbon at the lower edge with a stitch here and there.

The finished flower spray.

The finished CQJP July block.

Click right and choose "open link in new window" to enlarge the picture.


  1. Het is een prachtig blok geworden!

  2. Marjolein this completed block is stunning. Every stitch and flower and bead and leaf and button is just perfection. Your attention to detail and scale is what creates this blissful block of CQ. Blessings Dear...

  3. a delightful block, your flowers are so pretty and beautifully stitched. Thanks for your tutorial, must but some silk ribbon the cheap ribbon does not work except for surface use

  4. Every time I remain enchanted for the beautiful work!
    A kiss and happy weekend my dear Marjolein.

  5. What a wonderful block. I love your flower spray!

  6. Lovely work! Your design and embroidery is beautiful!


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