Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The June block continued: ribbon flower tutorial part I

Another TAST catch up stitch: Palestrina stitch, used as simple seam treatment.

This picture shows the June block and the adjacent block which is very heavy embellished. I have blogged about it here. To restore the balance some weight must be added on the burgundy patch. At this point I thought it might be a good idea to continue with the ribbon that I sewed on before, just to get more unity. 
However the color of the ribbon doesn't match the burgundy.

As I went through my stash I found this special ribbon with exactly the right colors. There is a small strip on the edge of it that matches the burgundy exactly. But what do I do with it??? I fiddled a bit and....of course....a flower appeared;)

I gathered the ribbon with a threaded needle, the same way as you would gather a rick rack ribbon.

After some pulling and fiddling, actually a lot of fiddling, the flower got its shape and was fastened. 
The inner triangles had to fit in exactly.

The gathered ribbon flower is sewed on and a large golden bead is added. The flower is about 1,5 - 2 cm large.

Three finished flowers are sewed in place, the fourth at the bottom is just on the border between two blocks and will have to wait.

The balance is getting better, I think that I will leave out the ribbon. The color is really yuck.


  1. The ribbon flowers are great - something to keep in mind.

  2. Your ribbon flowers are wonderful! If you're not using that other ribbon (and I think you're right about the colour not working) perhaps a fifth flower in the lower left would 'join' the two blocks together, and it would give you the odd-number appeal. Just a thought.

  3. the ribbon flowers look just great, shows what a good fiddle can do

  4. Dear Marjolein every time you show us what you are creating and embroidering remain enchanted by this beauty.
    Lot a kisses.

  5. Wow, that ribbon flower is wonderful. Your blocks and creative work that you do always inspire me.


  6. Mamma mia che spettacolo!!!!! Una vera meraviglia, bellissimo il lavoro, stupendi i colori
    Un abbraccio da una nuova amica

  7. Those ribbon flowers work perfectly and the way they came together shows they wanted to be there. Isn't it great when embellishments just talk to us. I just love the colors on your block(s).

  8. I love the Palestrina stitch, that's new to me. And your ribbon flowers are really something!


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