Saturday, October 27, 2012

TAST week 43: buttonhole wheel cup

Finished buttonhole wheel cups flower spray.

The TAST stitch for week 43 is buttonhole wheel cup.
This is a naked block of the crazy violets quilt which will act as the background. 
Dull block, needs a lot of pizzazz.

First a tiny wheel with eight spokes. It's about 0,5 cm. Hard to recognize as wheel on this picture. 
The thread is perlé 5.

Here is the wheel better visible. My plan was to create a flower with a waving edge. Does this make sense? I don't know how to describe it otherwise.
Anyway, this dark orange Kreinik fine braid # 8 seemed perfect for my plan.
In the first round I made one stitch in each buttonhole stitch and look what happens. When you make the stitches loose enough they look like little petals.

In the second round I made two stitches in one stitch of the first round. As this is a stiff thread the stitches lie neatly next to each other. The stitches have to be even of course.

A flower with lots of petals, no waves.

A french knot for the center.

Another catch up stitch: sheaf stitch. I used it to couch down the stems like a little bow.

As it looked stiff I added tendrils. The same Kreinik thread couched down.



  1. Marjolein Dear your stitching is beautiful. I love the softness of the tendrils you have added to the stem. Having you describe each of the steps you take is very helpful for someone like me who doesn't stitch. Blissful Stitching...

  2. This is great, Marjolein! I like the stiffness of the kreinik giving form to your flowers. With a softer thread, the flower can lose its shape, so good idea. Love the tendrils!

  3. works very well with the mixture of threads and like the other comments I love your tendrils.

  4. Dear Marjolein I like your stitching and love your Ideas..fresh and colorful!!
    Happy Sunday.

  5. Very attractive. The cups look like buttons, I guess it is because the Kreinik is so stiff. I love the elegant look.

  6. Wonderful Cup flowers and the stems and tendrils are really lovely.

  7. your work is amazing. Love the colour combo and the threads u have used.



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