Saturday, October 6, 2012

TAST week 40: beaded hedebo edge

The finished hedebo flower.

The stitch of TAST week 40 is beaded hedebo edge.
Last February I embroidered this charming edge on my crazy Pink Quilt. The post in question is here. I remembered I had doubts about ending the bar. As you can see on the picture the scallop doesn't lie flat at the end because the bar ends at the top. It seems more logical to end at the bottom, the scallop would lie flat that way. However the small cross wouldn't work out without cheating.

This looks weird! I started with drawing a small circle for the center and five markings for the five petals. The picture shows the first half of the cross stitches.

Completed first halves.

Second halves.

Finished cross stitches.

It took me some time to figure out how the cross stitches should be placed to form a flower shape.
The red crosses represent the small crosses, the blues ones represent the large crosses. Starting by arrow #1  embroider the first half of a small cross stitch, followed by arrow #2 (first half large cross) and so forth. When all the first halves are done, go back along the same way (the dotty arrows).
I hope the picture is clear enough ;)
When all the cross stitches are done, start with the beads and bars.

The partly stitched bars.

Completed hedebo flower.


  1. Lovely - will have to experiment with this stitch a bit.

  2. This stitch is very versatile. I really like it as a swag or scallop. Your flower looks very intricate and lovely. Thank you for taking the time to share just how you did the flower. I never would have guessed. Beautiful Stitching my dear...

  3. Just superb - visuals and instructions with diagrams too! thank you!

  4. What an impressive blog post! You have put in a lot of thought and work into this. Your flower is lovely and I am especially pleased to see how well the beads sit. I agree with your thoughts about the end of the bar; it does have a tendency to 'lift'.

  5. Looks quite compllcated, yes, but the result is beautiful.

  6. you have certainly worked a very pretty flower here,the block is also very nice.

  7. very lovely flower .Thank you for your clear instructions

  8. Thank you for sharing how to make such a lovely flower!

  9. Good tutorial and a lovely Hedebo flower. I like how you have beaded both inner and outer edges.


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