Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Symphony cushion...embroidery finished

This beautiful design was made by Trish Burr. It was published in issue 58 of "Inspirations".
I fell immediately in love with the design because of the colors and use of different threads: silk, wool, cotton, metallics. I was very happy to receive this kit from my DH for my birthday.

If you right click on the photo and choose "open link in new window", you get a bigger picture that can be enlarged.

Overview after the finishing the briar rose.
Only a few small things have to be done...wheat, rose hips, leaves and the looped ribbon needs some correction.

This pretty wheat forms a nice complement to the design. 
The stalk is in split stitch, the grains in bullion knots. A few straight stitches at the tips and in the centre of the grain complete the wheat. Very light and light daffodil Gumnut Yarns Buds perlé silk is used for the grains.

Remember the dent in the ribbon loop?

Very carefully I have extended the stitches. It is better, isn't it?

The finished front side of the cushion.
The inner border is stem stitch, the outer border whipped split stitch.
The corner motives are petals in satin stitch. It helped to stitch split stitches as outlines first. That made it easier to make the edges of the satin stitches more even. 

I had a hard time sewing the cord around the cushion. I had to sew into the cord to hide a stitching line on the cord. The stitching line is visible on the next picture. 

A lot of fiddling was needed to make both ends meet.  
In the next post I will show the completed cushion.


  1. Wonderful! Pleased to see your work!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and your nice comment!

  2. congrats !!....Most gorgeous piece of embroidery!!awed by its beauty..

  3. Congratulations on completing your stitching on this exquisite cushion Marjolein. Every stitch shows the detail of care and time you put into this beautiful treasured heirloom. Blissful my dear...

  4. My friend, you did a beautiful job!

  5. Wow, this turned out wonderful! I really love the curled lips of the flowers, the wheat, the golden threads. It was great seeing this close-up as all the details were visible.

    Happy needleworking ~ FlowerLady

  6. without a shadow of doubt this cushion is exquisite, I have so enjoyed the journey with you, stitching is perfect and the colours look fabulous.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Dear Marjolein your embroidery is WONDERFUL!!!
      Hugs and kisses.

  8. This turned out beautifully Marjolein! I've admired Trish's thread painting for years and recognize this from Inspirations. Your stitching is lovely.

  9. Love you embroidery ~ Thread painting . I sure wish I had a machine to do this with. Thread painting, I still have to try that out. The cushion is just beautiful!!

  10. Fantastic hand stitching, Marjolein! This is real painting with a needle. Trish Burr's design is very beautiful of course, and with your careful work and attention to detail she must be delighted with your result.

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