Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ribbon flower tutorial part II

For the stem I used another TAST catch up stitch: linked double chain stitch. These big flowers needed a sturdy stem. The thread is Caron Watercolors Gobi Sand. It is a variegated thread of which the very light colors appear in the center patch. 
The two ugly beads form the base for buds.

The first ribbon stitch hides most of the bead.

Two more ribbon stitches left and right.
Btw this is really the same fabric as on the photo above.

Some fiddling to neaten the bud.

Two buds finished plus stems.

A little butterfly to complete this corner.

I think the balance is restored quite a bit now.


  1. I just LOVE your work! Just beautiful in every way!

  2. This is breathtakingly beautiful. I couldn't imagine what you had those "ugly" beads doing there until you showed the buds in process and finished. Amazing! I am very much enjoying your stitchery talents dear.

  3. oh yes what a great way to make the buds, we all must have loads of beads that will never get used, now you have shown us what to do with them

  4. I love the way you use the"ugly beads" - so interesting!

  5. just beautiful and another simple and elegant tutorial - cannot wait to try it! :D

  6. And I keep dreaming ....
    Hugs and kisses my dear Marjolein.

  7. Wow... this is so beautiful! I'm a new follower from FaFF.


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