Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Briar rose

The finished briar rose. 

In the previous post about the rose we were at the lower left petal.

Only two petals and the center left.

A close up of the upper right petal.  I didn't like the curled tip in the original design. Curling a piece of paper made clear how the curled tip should look like.

The same goes for the curled tip of the upper left petal.

 The two upper petals look better than the lower ones. Now it is time for the curled tips.

First a split stitch outline with dark plum brown, then a shadow is created with a few straight stitches blending into the petal. The curl is outlined with split stitches, then padded with satin stitches.
Here you can also see the straight stitches I added at the base of each petal with maroon DMC cotton.

Satin stitches in the direction of the curl. It is not perfect, but it gives a good impression of a curled tip of a petal.

The upper left curled tip is worked the same way.
The center is embroidered with french knots. Each french knot is embroidered with one strand of Gumnut Daisies fine wool and one strand of Gumnut Stars silk.
On this picture the luster of the silk is clearly visible.


  1. Excellent work, Marjolein! I adore the shadows of the curled petals!

  2. Wow, is Beautiful, Amazing, Magnificent, Wonderful, and ... I could go on forever!!!!

  3. Marjolein, this is just beautiful! You've captured the curled petals so well!

  4. Marjolein Dear your finished Briar Rose is exquisite. I see the turned petals quite clearly. Your attention to detail really brings this to life. You have stitched an heirloom treasure. Blissful...

  5. Beautiful and I love how you made the curled tips.

  6. this is truly a wonderful rose

  7. magnificent - just beautiful - and wonderful instructions! thank you again


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