Thursday, October 18, 2012

Back to the crazy violets

For the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2012 I am working on a crazy quilt with "violets" as theme. These are the first six blocks partly sewn together in their proper arrangement.  Of course the "new" seams will be adjusted as I want the quilt to look as a unity.

The blocks from January to May are completed and can be found here.
The June block is the lower right one.

The naked June block.

The adjacent fabric of the block below is covered with lots of violets.
I want to echo them on the yellow fabric.

In this little flower spray I used two TAST stitches: cast on stitch for the violets, the stitch of week 32, and oyster stitch for the little leaves, the stitch of week 30. Below I have described how I made the violets.

Nearly completed.

When the blocks are sewn together I will make adjustments to blend the violets spray into the violets  fabric.

For now the spray is finished.

The cast on stitch is perfect for little violets. Five cast on stitches, placed on the same manner as the bullion violets.
The thread is a variegated DMC perle 5 and has the same colors as the adjacent orange violets fabric. The hearts are made of french knots (two wraps), also perle 5.
The little leaves between the violets are oyster stitch. First I didn't like this stitch, but stitching them with this nice thread, varying in color from olive green to purple, made me change my mind. Nice coincidence is that this the purple comes back in the ribbon. The thread is House of Embroidery perle 8. At last I stitched french knots to represent buds.


  1. I really like the violet spray you created to carry the eye from one block to the next. It looks great!
    All your blocks look good together, too.

  2. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful so far. Everything about it, from color and design, to stitching. Just lovely!

  3. Lovely cast ons Marjolein! This violet spray is lovely.

  4. Oh this is so lovely and making me swoon. The colors are gorgeous together. Your violets are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your techniques. Delicious Stitching Dear...

  5. Your work is just wonderful. I want to create such work "when I grow up." :)

    1. Thank you Arlene!
      Don't wait till you grow up, please!

  6. wonderful to see these blocks together. love how you have carried the stitching over to some of them, colours great too, well lets face it it is all wonderful.

  7. Beautiful work on all squares. I love all the little violets that draw your eye to the next block also. Your work always inspires me.

    FlowerLady Lorraine

  8. Such great colour combinations! Your stitching all looks super especially the bullion violets.

  9. This quilt is going to be stunning when finished....I love your pansy's and all the beautiful rich lovely....

  10. What a wonderful job you have done creating this piece of art. I love the color combination and all your beautiful stitching really makes it all come together. The cast on stitch has become on of my favorites too.

  11. Beautiful violets and great work!!
    Hugs and kisses.

  12. I LOVE your blocks and the colors.

  13. wow, the spray of flowers is beautiful! That's going to be one amazing quilt.

  14. There is so much to see in this quilt, and by showing us how you have created this look, you have proved that you are the perfect teacher! Thank you!


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