Saturday, September 22, 2012

The first petal of the silk briar rose

The start of the lower central petal. First an outline in split stitch, then long and short stitch. The thread is Gumnut stars stranded silk. In the first row two strands are used, one medium light mulberry silk and one very light antique violet DMC cotton.

The second row in an darker shade mulberry silk .

I have been a good girl and followed the instructions. But I don't like this row of antique violet DMC cotton. Later I realised it was possibly meant to add a subtle nuance with just a few stitches, while I stitched it as an almost full row.

And forth and fifth row with very dark and ultra dark mulberry silk. Seen from above it looks somewhat messy. Later I will "comb" the stitches. That way they will neatly lay side by side..... I hope.

Seen from aside. The row in antique violet doesn't catch the eye too much because I stitched far back in this row. Of course every stitch shows up in a close up picture like this. In reality this petal is two cm long. Seen from a normal distance it looks OK.

This is the example. The biggest difference is that it seems less stripy and the colors blend better.
More practise is needed I guess.


  1. I think your work looks lovely.

    Don't be so hard on yourself. I look forward to seeing more of this sweet work of art.

    Blending colors with thread is hard for me.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady Lorraine

  2. Oh Marjolein Dear your petal is lovely. Your inner critic might be a bit too harsh on you and your stitching! This is beautiful and the leaves are exquisite. Blissful Stitching my friend...

  3. I think this is coming along beautifully, your stitching is excellent. we are always our harshest critic, there is no need to with your stitching

  4. BEautiful!!!
    I love this mix of yarns!!!
    Silk for flowers and wool for the leaves, beautiful idea!!
    Hugs and kisses my de<r Marjolein.


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