Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The briar rose continued

The lower right petal is finished. The threads are different shades of mulberry Gumnut Yarns Stars stranded silk. Light and very light antique violet DMC cotton are also added. This time I was more careful with embroidering the rows of different colors.  I didn't stitch in every stitch of the previous row instead I skipped stitches.

According to the instructions the first row of the lower left petal should be embroidered with two strands of different colors. I used tweezers to lay the two strands side by side.

Embroidering a row with the next color doesn't mean I stitch in each stitch of the previous row. I skip about every second stitch. As there are seven colors, seven full rows are too much, the blending isn't nice. In every row I stitched only in the stitches of the previous row that laid  most behind.

Thread painting is a very secure and exacting work, so I like to alternate it with less delicate work.
Like this little leaf which is embroidered with Gumnut Yarns Blossoms crewel wool in fly stitch.


  1. Your stitching is beautiful as always Marjolein!

  2. I agree, your work is just beautiful. I've not heard of Gumnut yarns?

  3. I love your embroidery!!!!
    Hugs and kisses.

  4. thank you Marjolein for your kind comments on my stitching :) previously, you inspired me by using the drizzle stitch on your desert cactus pebble :) and now, I am stitching a bit more. Again, thank you for your wonderful blog, your photos are just right, and your writing is just enough to explain in a simple way - it is really a joy to follow

  5. Marjolein Dear your stitching is beautiful. With your attention to detail this will be an heirloom for generations forward. I can honestly say I have never seen each stitch laid down perfectly with tweezers...brilliant! Creative Blissful Stitching...


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