Sunday, September 2, 2012

Burgundy blossoms

An overview.

These tiny green leaves are embroidered in closely worked fly stitches. The thread is a mixture of one strand of Gumnut Tulips mohair and one strand of DMC 869. I am a big fan of Gumnut threads, but I don't like this mohair thread. It is just the mohair I don't like, it feels and works like a rough rope, though the result is OK. The veins are in split stitch with DMC 869.

Burgundy blossoms in straight stitches, which should be fanning from one point at the base of each petal. Instead I stitched from three different points.  Otherwise too many stitches start from the same point. This beautiful thread is Gumnut Daisies fine wool.

Straight stitches to create highlights with Gumnut Stars silk. The centre is filled with french knots from fine wool and silk blended together.

Look at those wonderful threads. From top to bottom: Daisies for the petals, silk for the accents, silk and Daisies for the centres.
They are all slightly variegated, which I love. There is a small inconvenience however. These blossoms are mainly dark burgundy. That means you have to search for a length of thread that is dark burgundy. It can be slightly lighter, but not much. The result is some short lenghts of thread remain unused, at least for now.
The next few weeks I will take a break from blogging.
I'll be back before you know it!!


  1. Hello Marjolein Dear...your stitching is so lovely. These burgundy flowers are divine with such rich lovely threads. May you have a peaceful relaxing break from blogging. I shall await your return my friend...

  2. Simply wonderful stitching and shading....!

  3. Just a word ....... WONDERFUL!!!

  4. Hi!
    Your stitching is just so incredible! I love the colors of threads used in this pieces - they create beautiful textures. I look forward to seeing it completed.

  5. some very beautiful stitching here, enjoy your break away and come back with some more stitching for us to admire.


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