Saturday, September 29, 2012

TAST week 39: knotted Buttonhole Stitch

A flower spray including Knotted Buttonhole Wheel flowers and Algerian Eye blossoms.
This flower spray appears on the Juni block of CQJP 2012.
Below is the story behind the spray.

The stitch of TAST week 39 is the knotted Buttonhole stitch. My plan is to create flowers using House of Embroidery perlé 8 mixed with one strand of purple Anchor cotton. I felt the color of the perlé by itself is too light.
Here I have drawn two small circles for the centers of the flowers.

I wanted to stitch the knotted buttonhole stitches from the center, the "arms" forming the petals.
After two stitches I found out that was not going to work. The circle is much too small.

The other way round works better. The two buttonhole stitches are made into the same hole on the center circle.

The result is the Knotted Buttonhole Wheel Flower.

In between the "spokes" I made straight stitches with two strands of the purple cotton.

The finished bunch. The stems are in Stem stitch, using two strands of stranded cotton. I chose olive green, matching the green in the center patch. The centers of the flowers are formed  by French knots.

To complete the flower spray I embroidered Algerian eye stitches with House of Embroidery perlé 8 in a beautiful variegated orange. The Algerian eye stitch was the stitch of week 31 of TAST

Thursday, September 20, 2012

TAST week 38: drizzle stitch

The TAST stitch of week 38 is the drizzle stitch.
Regular readers will recognize these pictures as they were shared in an earlier post.
I used drizzle stitches to create cacti in my desert pebble project.  

I wanted a "flower" on top of the cactus. Before pulling the thread through I threaded a bead on.

A bunch of cacti. 


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