Sunday, August 5, 2012

The huge daisy continued

The first layer with Gumnut Daisies fine wool is finished.

The description tells me to add shading at the tips of the petals with long and short stitch using DMC 452 med shell grey and 3743 very light antique violet. I have never stitched DMC stranded cotton on top of a layer of wool. How will that turn out?
So I just started to make some straight stitches, more or less long and short with the violet. The grey was much (!) too dark, may be I'll use it for darker shading. You can see the stitches on the two petals in the middle.

From a distance the shading is better visible. I don't like it, it doesn't blend well with the wool. I think I didn't  make the long stitches long enough.
The top thread is the violet I used. The bottom is the gray for darker shading.

The second attempt. I varied the length of my stitches much more. It blends better with the wool now.

The shading is finished. After all I didn't add the gray for darker shading. I tried but it was too dark.
The shading is very subtle, but it is there. I am pleased with it.


  1. It does look subtle and beautiful!

  2. You should be pleased! It's beautiful!

  3. Is a beautifuk great Work!!

  4. Very good stitching, Marjolein ! Very neat and expert-like!

  5. Absolutely beautiful Marjolein - this is such a joy to read your blog and see your work and explanations - thank you!

  6. These are very beautiful, wish i can learn this stitch well


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